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Staub or Le Creuset?



josefernandez October 26, 2014
They are both fantastic choices. It depends on your personal preference. This Le Creuset vs. Staub guide pretty much sums it up.
pierino June 8, 2013
I admire and use both Staub and LeCreuset but a few years ago I became completely sold on the Emile-Henry Flame line. This is earthenware but innovated in such a way that it can be used as if it were enameled cast iron. Eartheware adds subtle nuance to food. It breathes and after repeated use imparts its own "seasoning" to whatever you are using it for. It's not susceptable to cracking like standard earthenware is when not carefully handled.
beejay45 June 8, 2013
And it doesn't weigh a ton! I, too, love Emile-Henry.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 8, 2013
Hi, this past hotline link may be helpful:
nutcakes June 8, 2013
Asked and answered many previous times. You used to be able to search the archives using any words you like. But now it seems that you can only search using the keywords you entered for your post, which don't seem to be Staub or Le Crueset, which would be helpful. Try clicking on the left column and see if you can find the past discussions on the topic.
cookbookchick June 8, 2013
I have both and love them equally.
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