Deep Fryer? Air fryer? Help!

Hey guys!

I’m looking to finally take the leap into home deep frying. I have a heavy le creuset Dutch oven but don’t want to use it to fry (or deal with the mess). I’m interested in a separate appliance - preferably one that is efficient, healthier or less messy.

I’m confused by the new “air fryers” too- how do they work? Do they work well at all, or would they do disservice to my grandmother’s fried chicken recipe or my mother’s arrancini? Should I just stick with the less healthy but effective oil deep fryer? And what kind of oil is Best????

Thank you!!!
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. January 4, 2018
Hi M, I know that porchapples asked a couple of questions about air fryer recipes in the past on the Hotline, you might try sending them a message through the site (via the envelope button on their profile page: to see how they like theirs.
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