k.a. Quesadillas)" from Sasha (Global Table Adventure). Planning a wedding...do i need to say more. Has anyone made these ahead? I don't want to...

...cook the wedding morning but would like to have them out to bite on with coffee. Any ideas would be appreciated

  • Posted by: tbrooks
  • June 22, 2013
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1 Comment

sexyLAMBCHOPx June 22, 2013
Have you had a chance to read all the comments under the recipe? It provides lots of information, including freezing, make-ahead, etc. Here's my comment after making: I just popped these out of the pan. So rich & moist. I used a mini muffin pan and it worked out great; exactly enough batter do make 24 mini muffins. I ate three and putting away the rest. : ) Lots of butter, and I was thinking maybe next time to cut back a tad to suit my own palate. I can't wait to eat another one tomorrow and see how they taste having had a chance to firm up and note the make-ahead taste. Easy, inexpensive and incredibly good. I used parmesean but will try cojita next time. May also play around with poppy seeds and nuts on top for fun. Perfect for a breakfast/brunch, potluck, snack, and bridal/baby shower event.

I had leftovers and remember them being oily/grasy heavy on the bottom. I would suggest if you make ahead, place a tea towel or a few paper towels underneath them. You can warm up in the microwave for 30 secs if you like things warm, but place something absorbent underneath. Good luck with your wedding!
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