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Sausage and Kale Dinner Tart
Recipe question for: Sausage and Kale Dinner Tart


Sadassa_Ulna June 26, 2013
This piecrust recipe is surprisingly good, but I am not sure if it would work with whole wheat flour. I bet half oil, half butter with half white, half ww work well.
Hilarybee June 25, 2013
I have a kale and quinoa quiche recipe, no crust. Just add sausage and use the cheeses of your choice.
HalfPint June 25, 2013
How about using several layers of phyllo, brushed with a little melted butter? There is still butter (or you can use a good olive oil), but it's not as much as the tart crust.
Stephanie G. June 25, 2013
You could also go with a yeasted crust. Deborah Madison has one in her book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. You could google yeasted tart dough if frittata style isn't appealing.
prandial June 25, 2013
Would you be willing to lose the crust altogether? You could adapt the recipe much like a crustless quiche -- experimenting with adding more eggs and some breadcrumbs. I'm interested, too, in what other people have to say.
meganvt01 June 25, 2013
My question didn't really get posted - I adore this tart but as a regular staple i'd prefer less butter or I'd like to make the crust more healthy. I can handle the whole wheat sub but what about the butter? Can I make any other adjustments to make it a bit more healthy? Thanks!
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