Hi Julie, I made these and they're fabulous! I'm just wondering if they would puff up more if they were proofed after cutting them out (step 6)......

...before putting them in the oil

Cara C
  • Posted by: Cara C
  • July 5, 2013
Homemade Croissant Donuts
Recipe question for: Homemade Croissant Donuts


Ivan O. May 25, 2018
Unfortunately I stumble with this article just today...I wish I was here sooner! Croissant Dough should be proofed with low humidity or none and at room temperature to prevent from mixing the moisture with the butter (that will cause the layers to shift or push and make a mess). Depending on how much yeast and how fresh your dough is, you will experience different results; from dark coloration and a dense donut style after frying (like a Masala) to a very disappointing funny looking
donut with poor volume and oily taste.
Make your dough, roll it, cut it put the rings in the freezer after that for 1 hour. Next, take them out and let them rest in a proofing cabinet if you have one (a large square container will do), try using small metal screens or mesh to make it easier to transfer to the fryer. make sure your rings have enough flour all over, as they shouldn't get sticky like yeast bread. Fryer should be at 375F (you must adjust with the elevation of where you live), fry both sides using the double turning technique to avoid overcooking the top or bottom of the croissant donuts. They taste way better with cinnamon sugar coating. DON'T GLAZE THEM... EVER!
Shuna L. July 12, 2013
If you think they has more "proof" in them after you cut them out, it's rarely a bad thing to let them continue on. But oftentimes that first dunk of hot oil will push them out a bit further. It's really just up to the yeast in the dough-- if it's been exhausted already, it won't proof anymore, but instead just come to room temp more, which sometimes makes a yeasted thing lose its shape. When I'm questioning a dough I'm making I'll often just do a test on the spot. I'll freeze some cut, and try again later. Or I'll try and proof a few a bit more. Every time I make yeasted anything it's a little different!
Lindsay-Jean H. July 10, 2013
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