Good basic seafood cookbook

A dear friend (and very good cook) recently moved from the Midwest to the Boston area. She tells me that she feels insecure about cooking fish and shellfish, so shies away from it. (She likes seafood, just is reluctant to cook it herself.)
Any suggestions for a good basic seafood cookbook I can get her as a housewarming gift? Looking for something that will educate her on the basics of buying and prepping fresh fish AND be a delicious resource for a long time!

  • Posted by: TobiT
  • July 31, 2013


Barton S. August 1, 2013
I wrote my first cookbook, For Cod and Country, to be accessible for new and old seafood cooks alike! In the opening, "A Cook's Quick Guide to Fish" you'll find detailed descriptions of species, how to shop for seafood, and some of my favorite pantry staples-- all are great resources for a seafood novice.
Bill F. July 31, 2013
I recommend 'the young man and the sea' Recipes and Crispy Fish Tales from Esca
By David Pasternack & Ed Levine. Forwarded by Mario Batali
pierino July 31, 2013
Not exactly cook books but for someone moving to Boston I highly recommend two books by Mark Kurlansky, a writer I greatly admire: "Cod: The Biography of a Fish that Changed the World" which does include many recipes, and also "Fish Tail" which is about Gloucester.
ChefJune July 31, 2013
I was just about to say "Fish Without a Doubt!" Rick Moonen is one of the best seafood cooks and teachers in US. And for this book, he moved into a New York apartment and cooked like a home cook, so the slant is totally from the home cook's perspective. This takes nothing away from his fabulous restaurant in Vegas, but that he understood to be really valuable it needed to be for "the rest of us."
cookbookchick July 31, 2013
Take a look at Fish Without a Doubt by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore.
Recommended by Food52