Can you make the frosting the the night before and frost it then, or is it better to make the frosting but frost it the next day just before servi... also is it possible to halve the recipe and not layer it? Just trying to simplify! thank

Lemon Birthday Cake
Recipe question for: Lemon Birthday Cake


LippyLou October 8, 2022
I frosted this cake with the meringue frosting the night before, and by morning it had separated and dissolved, so beware!
ChefJune August 16, 2013
Been baking cakes for what seems like centuries, and always frost the cake right away. Mom always said the frosting acted as a sealant for the cake and helped keep it moist. I don't know how scientific that is, but she made the best cakes EVAH! You can definitely make a one layer cake, but why? The higher the cake is the more impressive! I mostly do two-layer cakes, but the three-ers are SO grand.
Monita August 16, 2013
It would be best to frost the cake on the day you're serving it but would be ok to make the frost the day before. Just let it come to room temp before attempting to use it. All the ingredients for the cake can easily be halved and then you can make it as a one layer cake
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