The Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashana is just a week and a half away which is extremely early. Of course I am making brisket but thinking of serving something at room temperature because of the warm weather. Looking for suggestions (cooking for 25) and a good poached salmon recipe. Thanks!



sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2013
FWIW - My year round salad that I modify a bit from this site:

I'll be bringing this dish, tripled and honey roasted potatoes.

She also has a few salmon that look delicious!

creamtea August 26, 2013
That salad looks delicious!
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2013
@creamtea - It is delicious and versatile. Great to eat when watching my weight, warm weather and holidays. Make-ahead and relatively inexpensive. I've played around with different vinegars with great results. I should post a variation on the site - maybe this week.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2013
Aliwaks - sounds delicious. I'm stuck strictly with strict Ashkenazi cooking. Although delicious, the offerings are traditional & typical - not a lot of new dishes for fear of the elders lashing out. I'll post our tradional Ashkenazi menu once its confirmed incase others in my position need ideas or inspiration - I'm not hosting the holiday but bringing sides. Wishing you (and all that celebrate) a sweet new year!
Kukla August 26, 2013
Maybe it is not modest of me to suggest one of my recipes, but I know ones you try this succulent dish with any fish, it’ll become one of your favorite; it is perfect for Jewish or any holidays or for everyday cooking.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2013
Looks delicious, Kukla.
creamtea August 26, 2013
Panfusines Balilah might be fun, as it has pomegranate arils so it is very in keeping with the holiday:; a rice (white or brown) or grain salad with scallions, orange zest, raisins or dried cherries, toasted almonds (although some eschew nuts altogether on Rosh Hashanah); room temp roasted potatoes:; Moroccan carrot salad; smokey grilled eggplant dip or slow-roasted pepper dip (massa di pimentao)
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2013
Nice ideas for a Sephardic menu but where's the sweetness that corresponds with the holiday?
creamtea August 26, 2013
True, it's nice to have some sweet dishes for a sweet New Year, but not every dish has to have that profile, sLx!
I like to make a Moroccan beef stew w/prunes and cinnamon from Paula Wolfert, but it seems a little heavy & hot for such an early holiday season, whereas tomatoes, peppers and corn will still be around.... so a little tweaking of the usual menu seems acceptable under the circumstances!
healthierkitchen August 26, 2013
Love that nicoise salmon platter! I have often, with a large group, made the Silver Palate Chicken Marbella. It's very 80's but always delicious and can be served hot or cold and makes a ton! This year I'm making a new Ottolenghi chicken dish with saffron, honey and pistachios.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 26, 2013
Yum, that chicken dish sounds awesome. I'm going to suggest that one from the book for this year.
Aliwaks August 26, 2013
I hear ya lady... I'm eschewing the traditional Ashkenazi brisket for a more Sephardic Chicken with Tomato Jam...which is nice and sticky and good at room temperature, was also considering grilled chicken with figs and apricots. We are meant to eat new fruits for the new year (figs, apples, pear, pomegranates etc, I think there are officially 7)

Maybe roasted or grilled salmon (in lieu of poached) brushed with a bit of olive oil & honey and a scattering of toasted sesame seeds & Fresh Thyme, and served with roasted figs would be outstanding and gorgeous and would be fantastic room temperature Maybe with a taboulleh salad along side, punched up with some pomegranate seeds and toasted pistachios.
Or you could make a heirloom carrot salad in place of a traditional tsimmes...shaved carrots, bit of toasted cumin, lemon juice, chopped marcona almond, some nice fat dates, cilantro, mint..YUM!

amysarah August 26, 2013
An Israeli salad is great this time of year, and to well with the poached salmon - the recipe on David Lebovitz's site adds beets, radishes, nuts/seeds, etc. to the classic tomatoes & cukes: Also, with the brisket, maybe serve latkes made with zucchini instead of potato, to make it more seasonal? Smitten Kitchen's recipe uses both:
amysarah August 26, 2013
Meant to type: ...goes well with the poached...we really need and edit button!
ChefJune August 26, 2013
With The Holidays coming so early this year, and with them the potential for hot, sticky weather, I'm considering subbing a cold soup for the traditional matzo ball soup.

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David August 26, 2013
I went to a party this summer where the host served a lamb roast and then She had a beautiful poached salmon on a platter surrounded by matching bowls of various sizes holding all of the various components of a nicoise salad. With the Salmon taking the place of the traditional tuna there was a bowl of green beans, potatoes, heirloom tomatoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors cut into wedges, boiled eggs (wedged), olives (2 different kinds), capers, anchovies, large bowl of mixed greens etc. She offered a sour cream/greek yogurt/cucumber/dill dressing and a traditional vinaigrette. The salmon itself was served on a platter of roasted leeks (quartered lengthwise and tossed with evoo The green beans were enhanced with caramelized shallots and lemon and the potatoes had olive oil and herbs. It was a stunning visual display and I thought rather clever. Dessert was the only other food served.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 25, 2013
Check out this site for ideas:

Or look on this site and do a search for Rosh Hashanah, slim pickins though.
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