Marcella Hazan 1924-2013: your favourite Marcella recipe

In her honor, I am making her Pan-Roasted Chicken with Rosemary, Garlic, and White Wine tonight. One of my favourite - and simplest recipe from Marcella. What is yours?

sel et poivre


Nancy July 6, 2014
Her homemade pasta dough. Easy, reliable, great taste! Classic Italian Cook Book is best in my view - great simplicity, reliability.
WannabeBaker October 1, 2013
Her tomato sauce with butter and onions is what finally got me to make a tomato sauce on my own and give up the store-bought stuff. It's so easy, I now use it any time I need a tomato sauce. I will forever love her for this. So sad to hear she died.
healthierkitchen October 1, 2013
Broccoli and Potato soup, Simplest Leek and Chickpea soup, Pesto with Goat cheese instead of Parmigiano...
DebJ October 1, 2013
Her recipe for pork chops with fennel seed braised in red wine and marsala is wonderful. I've made it regularly for many years and never get tired of it. Hmm... maybe it's tonight's dinner!
RIP Marcella!
Panfusine October 1, 2013
I still can't get enough of her Tomato sauce with Onion & butter..
lloreen September 30, 2013
What do you think is her best book? I think I have some old copies in storage, but I'd like to buy a new one.
fhp September 30, 2013
I have some fresh shell beans. I love the dressing she makes for her bean salad: boiled egg yolk, sage, anchovy, a little onion. What else? I'll have to take a look.
Marcella I will always be seriously beholden to you. Thank You. You are so in my heart.
AntoniaJames September 30, 2013
Her two "Classic" books were among the first cookbooks I ever bought. I've used them regularly since. We made her sensational "Dolce Torinese" for the big dinner party we had to honor my mother shortly after she died. It's one of the best dessert recipes, ever. ;o)
robinorig July 5, 2014
Where can I find the recipe for her Dolce Torinese? Thx
Greenstuff September 30, 2013
It's her basics that are the best. Whenever I'm thinking that my no-recipe pesto isn't so great, I go back to The Classic Italian Cookbook to be reminded of proportions.

And yes, June! I was thinking of making the roast chicken with lemon (from More Classic Italian Cooking) tonight.
ChefJune September 30, 2013
I've been roasting her Lemon Chicken for decades now. It is stupid easy, and always SO moist without basting. For me, the beauty of her recipes has always been the simplicity. And the impeccable instructions.
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