Thoughts on Rosemary instead of Sage? I'm thinking about using rosemary instead of sage for a twist on the cider/sage gravy to go with a herb roas...

...ted chicke

Cider-Sage Gravy
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Pegeen October 2, 2013
So glad it went well! Depends on the dish, but I often prefer rosemary myself. I wonder if a combo of rosemary and thyme would go well. You used pan juices from the roast chicken, right? Making a note about the salt.... Kosher salt was mentioned in the recipe and sea salt is gentler so might need more? If you have time to add to the recipe page, it would be great to mention your experience with subbing rosemary. Thanks. Good to hear your tips!
Hilarybee October 1, 2013
Pegeen, it was fabulous. My husband said it was the best gravy I've ever made. I've made this recipe many times, never with rosemary before. I don't think I'll go back to sage; the rosemary was that good. I did have to add substantially more sea salt than called for. I also added white pepper, too. It was perfect on top of herb roasted chicken. I froze the left overs for the future, should chicken breast doctoring be necessary in the coming months.
Pegeen October 1, 2013
Hilarybee, if you have time, I'd love to know how this worked out. It seems a good, quick gravy and adaptable to several herbs. Hope it went well!
Pegeen September 30, 2013
From my understanding of your skills, it will be delicious! Wish I lived closer. Will wash dishes for leftovers. :-)
Hilarybee September 30, 2013
Very true. Duly noted. Off to give it a try.
Pegeen September 30, 2013
I think Rosemary would be lovely. You want to use several whole, bushy branches... not to be left with the task of straining out tiny needles from the gravy.
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