What would you use in these instead of star anise? I'm just not that crazy about the spice, as it tends to overwhelm other flavors on on my palat...

...e. Thanks, everyone. ;o

Quick Pickled Apples
Recipe question for: Quick Pickled Apples


Greenstuff October 2, 2013
You (or we, as I can think of no excuse not to make these!) might also experiment with alternatives to the maple syrup, which is a dominating taste as well and might interfere with some of the different spice options.
littleman October 2, 2013
I like cardamom, too. Perhaps some cloves? Sparingly.
AntoniaJames October 2, 2013
Thanks so much. All of these suggestions sound good. Maybe I'll try some using each . . . . thinking, too, that I might add some candied orange peel with the allspice; and I do like nutmeg with cardamom. The possibilities seem endless. ;o)
Hilarybee October 2, 2013
Cardamom would be my pick. I always add cardamom to my apple pie spice mix.
ChefJune October 2, 2013
How about stick cinnamon? Cinnamon is always a good flavor wth apples. Or you could go with cardamom, though I prefer it with pears. Or allspice is a little "exotic."
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