Could you freeze this cornbread or would the avocado get icky. Thanks, nt

  • Posted by: ntt2
  • October 13, 2013
Avocado Cornbread
Recipe question for: Avocado Cornbread


msmely October 14, 2013
I should specify; make your dough ahead of time and freeze just the dough, then thaw the dough and mix your vegetables in and bake.
msmely October 14, 2013
All fruits and vegetables will lose moisture when they're frozen. They do this because the cell walls are destroyed by expanding water. This means they end up releasing moisture into their surroundings that shows up as water once thawed. In this case the avocado would end up making soggy pockets in your cornbread. If you want to save yourself some labor, I'd suggest making the dough ahead of time and then adding the add-ins (corn, avocado) when baking on the day you want your bread.
aargersi October 13, 2013
I tend to think the latter - I bake cornbread in advance for Thanksgiving dressing, but without avocado. I think it would go brown - but that is not based on actual testing!
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