Cooking a 30lb turkey at 350. Breasts are at 155 but the thighs are at 130. I lowered the temp to 200 but what else can I do to cook thighs f

Want to even the temp between thighs and breasts

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Adianne November 29, 2013
This may sound strange but it is the way I always do my turkey so I don't have overdone breasts and underdone dark meat.

Take the turkey out when the breast reaches 160degrees. Cut off the legs an thighs an put them in a roaster with a little braising liquid an return to the oven to continue to cook for another hous. The breast meat can be covered with foil until the dark meat is ready. The mwhite meat will continue to cook some from the residual heat.

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Kristen M. November 28, 2013
A couple tips -- make sure the legs are toward the back of the oven, where it's hotter. And if worse comes to worse (if the breast is done well before the legs), you can cut the legs/thighs off and throw them back in the oven to finish cooking, and just tent the breast with foil to keep it warm.
Turbeville G. November 28, 2013
I agree, cut off the legs and put them back in
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