Is high grade flour the same as bread flour?

I recently moved to New Zealand and I'm trying to make a recipe that calls for "bread flour" (Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies). They don't seem to sell that here, and I see that bread flour is high gluten flour. I did find something called "high grade flour" that seems to have a high gluten content… does anyone know if they are the same thing? They seem to recommend the flour for baking bread and dense cakes here...



Main C. June 22, 2019
Sorry, the shops are called Bin Inn not Bulk Inn... and they are all through the country...
Main C. June 22, 2019
I live in NZ too but trained to cook in Europe. High Grade Flour is bread flour but it does have a lowish protein content. You can bump this up by adding gluten as per previous comments. You can get gluten in baking shops - in Auckland, Bulk Food Savings in Dominion Road, shop 3/217 Dominion Road. In other towns, the Bulk Inns should have it. You can also buy it in wholesalers like Gilmours but you need a store card...
Rebecca April 8, 2014
I just also started into baking and found it difficult to find bread flour here in NZ. I can only see High grade, self raising, and plain flour here. And to my research i found out that plain flour is just also the same as all purpose flour. Since then this what i am using now. When the recipe ask for a bread flour i just used the Plain Flour and still fine. But i have bought 10 kilos of high grade since i know nothing about flour before and i stop using them and thinking what i have to do with them. Now i know what to do with them since we have the same problem with CurioCook. I will try to use them again. I just recently fond of baking and still learning...i just follow recipes and watch them how to do it online. Thanks!
Victoria R. December 3, 2013
Indeed ...High Grade flour is the closest you'll find to Bread flour in NZ. I'm one of the recipe testers for food52 (and often test while visiting family in NZ), so have been in the predicament of needing bread flour when testing something. After extensive research, I found that High Grade is a satisfactory substitute for bread flour. You actually can get gluten powder/flour ...I'm not in NZ at the moment, however have a packet in my mum's pantry and am trying to picture it. I'm fairly certain it's made by Healtheries. If you're in the Auckland area, try Farro or Huckleberry Farm ...I'm fairly certain that's where I found it! And if you need any other help on where to find obscure ingredients (if you're in Auckland), send me an email as I've probably already had the hair-pulling task of finding it. Hope you're enjoying NZ.
boulangere November 29, 2013
If you're going to add gluten to flour, what you would be looking for is vital wheat gluten, which is waaaaaay on the high scale of about 75% protein. I doubt you'll need it, however. I suspect that the high grade flour you have available will do you just fine. Simply don't overwork it for more tender applications (cookies, muffins), while if you are making bread, be sure to knead it up to a good strong windowpane. And lucky you for having the opportunity to live in New Zealand!
CurioCook November 29, 2013
Thanks!! Indeed this flour has 11% protein. Since the recipe called for bread flour, I think it'll be ok, crossing my fingers that I didn't mix too much. I'm also hoping it works for the future since the other ideas I read about (adding gluten to ap flour) doesn't seem doable here - can't find gluten either.
boulangere November 29, 2013
P.S. Here is a link to what I hope is a good discussion of protein content in flour:
boulangere November 29, 2013
High gluten flour has a protein content of 14-14.5%. Think bagels. That chewiness? It comes from that high gluten content, as well as the fact that bagel dough undergoes some serious kneading to fully develop the gluten. If you use it for cookies, they will be chewier than you really want. High grade flour has a protein content which straddles that of all-purpose flour (10-10.5%) and bread flour (12-12.5%), lurking in the range of about 11% protein. You can safely use it for cookies (take care not to over mix them), as well as for bread (DO knead it perhaps longer than you would a dough made with true bread flour).
Adianne November 29, 2013
I have never heard of "high grade" flour. However, if it is the same as "high gluetin" flour, then yes, you can use it instead of bread flour.
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