Looking for recipes for a birthday cake that will ship well and stay fresh



Shuna L. December 8, 2013
Shipping a cake is tricky business. Where you are shipping it to, what the temperature of that place is, and how long it will remain in transit - these are questions that determine what cake is best. If I knew none of these answers I would use "Yellow Cake," as it's moist enough to handle long distance. If the cake is going to a hot place I would make the cake, refrigerate it for a day, freeze it for a day, and wrap it first in parchment paper, then in plastic wrap, and lastly in aluminum foil. If it's going to a dry place, brush all sides of the cake with some kind of syrup. Personally I would stay away from Pound Cake, as they tend to be quite dry, and they stale as they sit. I hope this helps. I imagine a very lucky person on the other end of the package!
Regine December 8, 2013
Since it is going to be shipped, you dont want the typical birthday cake with icing, i guess. I would send a plain butter/pound cake or chocolate cake. A rum cake is perfect too. If u need recipes, let me know.
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