The dough came out beautifully. However, I wonder about its texture since it stuck to my mold. I divided the dough in two, wrapped it in plastic...

...and put it in fridge to chill while I have my neithersadnordesklunch (though it will involve raw kale). I don't have a marble surface, but it's not humid and I did turn down the thermostat. Should the dough be very stiff? It isn't, though it's certainly not as elastic as sfoglia. Since I am using an intricately detailed, press-down mold vs. a spingerle rolling pin, is there something I should be doing to the carved surface to discourage dough from adhering to grooves? Thanks

  • Posted by: Eliz.
  • December 20, 2013
Helen Getz's Springerles
Recipe question for: Helen Getz's Springerles


Amanda H. December 27, 2013
Eliz. thanks for the follow-up! Your springerle looks great -- what an amazing mold!
Eliz. December 27, 2013
Thank you for responding! I used large eggs, but wonder if whisking a mixture containing organic sugar by hand on a warm day might have compromised dough. I decided to divide it into two flat disks and chilled both for over four hours before following advice from a cookie-mold vendor who suggests brushing a little flour onto the carved surface. While it proved impossible to pull 12 clean impressions simultaneously from my flat mold, I was pleased with my first attempt to make Springerle. Dough rolled to thickness of approximately 3/8 inch gave best results as did standing on a chair to press down more forcefully on the mold (I'm guessing my counters were designed originally for Julia Child). The cookies made three little girls very happy, so I am much obliged!
Amanda H. December 21, 2013
Hi Eliz. Hmmm. I wish I had a clear answer for you. What size eggs did you use? I didn't specify but I was assuming large eggs. The reason I ask is that perhaps you used larger eggs and this contributed to a wetter dough. I haven't made the dough this year (yet!) but my memory is that it's stiff like a sugar cookie dough. One idea is to use more flour when pressing it with your molds (you can always brush off excess). And it you want to be more extreme, you could chill your mold in the fridge before pressing. I hope this is helpful, and I'm sorry it took me so long to respond -- last night I was up to my elbows wrapping gifts!
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