I love ceviche but I don't trust the fish I can buy where I live. Any recommendations for recipes that have the same bright and fresh flavors?

Amanda Scheer


MMH March 22, 2018
You don't have to use fish. Shrimp ceviche is really good.

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702551 March 22, 2018
You might consider making ceviche with chilled cooked fish (from defrosted frozen product) rather than rely on the acid to denature raw fish proteins (which is happens when heat is applied to raw fish); just apply the marinade and serve right away rather than wait for the chemical "cooking" to occur as one would with raw fish.

The flavor profile would be nearly identical although the texture using cooked fish would be different than using raw fish.

Just a thought.
Thuy N. March 22, 2018
You might try looking at Thai laarb, which can be made with pork or chicken. Nice bright citrusy flavor with lime juice and kaffir lime leaves slivers. Served with fresh cucumber slices or leaves of lettuce or cabbage.
Amanda S. March 22, 2018
that sounds great! Thank you!
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