The recipe instructs to let the raw chicken rest unrefrigerated for 6 hours before cooking. Is this safe?

  • Posted by: pamelaf
  • January 3, 2014
Recipe question for: Lemony Oniony Chicken Lorenza


LE B. January 5, 2014
yes,toughlove, me too.
ATG117 January 4, 2014
I am not a food safety expert, but I personally would not feel comfortable leaving chicken out for that many hours, even with the salt, pepper, etc.
LE B. January 4, 2014
what a moot point, tough love! you could say the same thing about 50% of the practices in most home kitchens.
pierino January 4, 2014
Well,not in my home kitchen. I know this is what would happen because I have a state food handler's certificate. And I've seen the inspectors at work. As to the other 50% well...

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pierino January 4, 2014
If you were using this method in a restaurant and the county health department inspector showed up not only would they ding you on points but they would make you throw it away immediately.
LE B. January 3, 2014
hi pamela, the reason that it IS o.k. in this instance is that it is essentially brined with all that S, and P., rubbed inside and out; then it is infused w/ lemon juice and onion(acid is a preservative as well as a meat tenderizer). And finally, it is coated in a sealing layer of melted butter, keeping the salt, onion and lemon in close contact with the chicken.
In the heat of july/august i leave it in the frig for 1 or 2 days, and i also do that if schedule has the chicken sitting for 2 days instead of one, but otherwise i do it at room temp for a day. But if you'd rather do it in the frig, no worries! (If, when you serve it, it is NOT intensely lemony oniony, i would advise letting it marinade longer next time.)
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