Knife storage

I recently updated my knife collection, replacing all my college hand-me-downs with some really nice pieces. I've read that a block isn't the best way to store them (nor is just thrown in a drawer, my previous storage method...), so I was wondering what is the best way to do so? Magnetic strip? Box? Cloth?



Anastasia January 6, 2014
Thanks everyone!
Pegeen January 4, 2014
Here's a very nice maple knife magnetic strip from Food52's Provisions.
I believe they also carry a standing knife block - a straight-up one. They seem to be harder to find vs slanted knife blocks which take up more room on the counter.
LeBec F. January 4, 2014
i ewcommend magnetic. i have two, end to endunder a wall shelf /above a counter. Better done points up; in case they ever get knocked off and fall, you don't want them falling on their tip.
Jennifer January 4, 2014
If you choose to use a block, just make sure to turn the blades so they face up. It will help keep the blades from getting dull.
pierino January 4, 2014
I have so many knives that I have to be resourceful. I store my best knives in a drawer but with a wooden sorter with slots for each. There's nothing terribly bad about a block. I have one of those too. I also have a good magnetic bar where I hold things like scissors, shears and some odd shaped tools, e.g. a mezzaluna.
spiffypaws January 4, 2014
I use a magnetic strip. Have plastic protective cases (can purchase at a restaurant supply store) for travel. If you buy a mag strip, try not to mount it in a high traffic area. I mounted mine on the wall where the refrig door opened-not a great idea! I would also try to avoid mounting it to close to your stove/hood/fan as the knives could get greasy.
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