Very juicy burger that unfortunately I overcooked. How long should it take in the oven to get to medium rare?

  • Posted by: CarlaK
  • January 13, 2014
Classic Diner Burger
Recipe question for: Classic Diner Burger


Sam1148 January 13, 2014
I can put up with the been mentioned it's not flipping is more 'romance' than science.

But the mashers...they shouldn't be allowed to play to with fire.
boulangere January 13, 2014
Here is how I cook any burger, not just bison:
bigpan January 13, 2014
So many factors; how thick, what temperature, etc., besides Pierino's invest in a good instant read thermometer and remember the meat still continues to "cook" after it is off the heat and resting.
Bunnee B. January 13, 2014
Check Serious Eats Burger Lab. Kenji suggests flipping a burger every 15 seconds. Personally, I use a cast iron skillet and follow Kenji's rules re: seasoning, cooking and flipping and have great results every time.
pierino January 13, 2014
I associate frantic burger flipping with hyperactive 20-somethings who feel obligated to make it look like they're cooking---or at least doing something. If you do this you will lose the lovely grill marks which score the outsides of the burger.
pierino January 13, 2014
The second worst place to cook a "diner" burger is in the oven. The very worst is one of those outdoor "sun ovens". The optimum place is outside on a grill. Second best is on your cooktop using either a griddle or a skillet. And don't be a flipper! Burgers and steaks should be turned only once. And have a Thermapen handy to check it for your desired degree of doneness.
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