A question about a recipe: Roasted Pork Belly

Would this recipe (or at least the technique) work with boneless lamb breast? I have 2 lamb breasts from my csa and I'm trying to figure out something to do with them...

  • Posted by: ajpelle
  • February 24, 2014
Roasted Pork Belly
Recipe question for: Roasted Pork Belly


ajpelle February 26, 2014
Thanks amysarah - that recipe looks tasty. I was trying to figure out if I should try the rolling/pricking technique from the pork belly recipe - seeing the rolled recipe you offered is helpful. I'll probably try pricking the fat also, because why not?

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amysarah February 25, 2014
While its taste isn't like pork, breast of lamb is actually a rather fatty cut (unlike, e.g., the loin or leg.) It's also often roasted rolled - lots of recipes out there, but this one, rolled around dried apricots, lemon, shallots, etc. looks good: http://www.cookstr.com/recipes/roast-breast-of-lamb-with-lemon-and-apricots
pierino February 25, 2014
Pork belly and lamb breast have absolutely nothing in common. The pork belly is fat heavy and lamb is relatively lean. The flavors are waaaayyyyyyyyyy different.
Myself, I would be thinking about a Mexican style birria, which is usually made with goat. Otherwise I would go all Roman on you with an abbacchio cacciatoria style stew with the lamb and some mushrooms.
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