Source for bulk almonds: NYC or online


I used to buy almonds in bulk from Costco but I've since lost my membership. I'm looking for a source for bulk, raw almonds (~3-5 lbs) in the NYC area (ideally Manhattan) or online. If online, I prefer if you could point me to a specific farm's website instead of sources like

Thanks in advance

Felicia M


Valentina S. March 11, 2014
Best bulk place in Manhattan ever: the 9th Ave International Foods Market.
Just have a look at the pics. I LOVE it. They sell everything in bulk, and I found all their nuts and homemeade products do be delicious.
Stephanie March 11, 2014
Have you tried kalustyans? I've never bought nuts there but assume they have them..??
Felicia M. March 11, 2014
I always thought that Kalustyan is more of a spice store. I admit that I wasn't looking for nut whenever I'm there but I'll check it out. Thanks.
Dessito March 9, 2014
Just curious: why is not sufficient/avoided by you? I haven't found nut farms to sell in small enough amounts to individual consumers in a convenient and cost-efficient way. Especially since I love a wide variety of nuts and most farms I have come across are pretty specialized. So I shop regularly from and am pretty satisfied, but it would be interesting to hear what better options I might not be aware of.
Felicia M. March 9, 2014

I'm not really against per se - I'm just looking for other options since I prefer to buy from the producer directly. Sometimes, the producers have more varieties that aren't available on or they sell it cheap if you buy in 5lb bags. I agree that if you are only looking for small quantities of a variety of nuts, sites like or similar would make more sense.

Anyway, I came across a recommendation for a variety of nuts from farmers for all kinds of nuts except almonds (, I thought I'll see what other options there are besides And of course, if you live near Costco, they sell nuts by 3lb bags.

Lisa P. March 8, 2014
Felicia M. March 9, 2014
I've seen reviews that Amazon's nuts tend to be a bit rancid (not usually for almonds but other nuts), I've been kinda iffy after hearing that ever since. Thanks tho!
Peder S. March 8, 2014
Felicia M. March 8, 2014
Much thanks. I've actually came across this website before but I lost it again. Any comments on the quality of the products/shipping/price/etc?
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