How much phyllo dough does this recipe take?

BLT Casserole
Recipe question for: BLT Casserole


Jodi T. April 1, 2014
I apologize for not responding sooner but I only just saw this post today while I was surfing the web. The size of your casserole dishes will dictate the exact amount of phyllo you need. But I used 1 standard roll. I'd love to hear how you like the dish.
Dessito March 9, 2014
Obviously it would be ideal if the person who submitted the recipe writes you back, but in case they don't: my best guess would be that one standard roll of phyllo was used. While sometimes the length of the sheets differs by brand, I have found most to be about the same amount and can imagine one roll finishing exactly, the way the distribution of the sheets is described in this recipe. But ultimately the balance between carb and the rest of the "filling" in any casserole with pastry sheets is a matter of taste, so do not worry too much about being "over" or "under." Just make it however you and the rest who will eat it might like it better -- with a greater or smaller dough component.
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