I have a beef Wellington partial from last winter in the freezer. The phyllo dough Was was awful. Do

Can I remove the old dough and wrap with a new fresh phyllo dough?



Nancy December 15, 2021
Here are some more FAQ, tips from UK about freezing Beef Wellington, using from freezer, cautions about refreezing, etc. Maybe useful in helping you decide what to do.
pettestaats December 15, 2021
Sorry I meant it is wrapped in a store bought puffed pastry.
Nancy December 15, 2021
So both the beef and the pastry were not cooked when you stored them in the freezer?
pettestaats December 15, 2021
Sorry - I wasn't very clear. I made it using Peppridge Farm puff pastry. Did the whole thing and we ate 1/4 of it - so I froze the whole thing.
AntoniaJames December 15, 2021
I wouldn't recook that beef. I'd defrost the whole thing in the fridge, take the dough off, warm the meat ever so gently, and then taste it. If it tasted good, I'd probably use the meat in a salad or sandwiches (with a nice horseradish sauce) or (possibly) drop it at the last minute into a stroganoff or similar sauce, just to heat it before serving. ;o)
aargersi December 15, 2021
It’s been in the freezer for a year? I’d be suspicious of the whole thing for starters, especially if it’s been opened and re-wrapped. Wellington is typically wrapped in puff pastry not phyllo dough - if you take that off and re-wrap it you’re likely to lose some of the duxelle or pâté as well. Honestly, I would discard and start with a brand new one.
Nancy December 15, 2021
I thought the same as you, then checked a reliable source on keeping-durations for food (safety and taste).
Both the beef and the pastry top out at 12 months in freezer for best quality and indefinitely for safety.
If it's an expensive cut of meat and the OP wants to get some value out of it, worth a try. But maybe with low or measured expectations.
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