How can i substitute baking chocolate in this recipe?

I am celebrating my first passover seder this year, and it also happens to be my birthday. I'd like to make a special cake, and this one looks incredible. I have just come back from a trip to Belgium, where I bought some incredible baking chocolate. How would I go about using it in this Martha Stewart recipe? Thanks!

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1 Comment

drbabs April 10, 2014
That does look like a great recipe, and if I were you, I'd save the baking chocolate for something else and follow the recipe to the letter. If you really want to substitute, try it out before your seder. I did some research for you. What I found was that 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate is roughly equivalent to 3 TB cocoa powder plus 1 TB butter. There are approximately 8 TB in 1/2 cup. So you would use 3 ounces of chocolate and subtract 4 TB of butter. I hope this helps. (Please try it first....)
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