Good grilling cookbook

My husband has a few grilling standards, but he would like a grilling book for Father's Day. Any recommendations for a good one?



calendargirl June 4, 2014
Check out The Thrill of the Grill: Techniques, Recipes, & Down-Home Barbecue by Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby. Both have done a lot of grilling in their day, both have written for The New York Times and other publications, and Chris Schlesinger's East Coast Grill was a favorite restaurant when we lived in Boston.
gmg2011 May 29, 2014
All great recommendations. Thanks!
Dave O. May 29, 2014
Adam Perry Lang has a number of good Grill books, including "Charred and Scruffed" which offer great recipes and techniques to show off at your next BBQ. But my everyday go to's are and the Weber Grill App.
aobenour May 29, 2014
I agree that Steven Raichlen's books are the best out there. I particularly like his international book - lots of new and authentic recipes from all over the world. He also has a book devoted entirely to regional American BBQ - but I've not tried that one yet.
HalfPint May 28, 2014
If he doesn't already have it, Weber's Big Book of Grilling. It's my grill bible.
pierino May 28, 2014
Actually the gold standard is Steve Raichlen's BARBECUE! BIBLE. Now that is the bible. Another great one is SEVEN FIRES by Francis Mallman. The Argentines are the undisputed masters of the grill. Especially if you grill over real wood like I do.
HalfPint May 29, 2014
@pierino, I have the Steven Raichlen Barbeque Bible, but I hardly ever use it. It is not MY gold standard. Whereas the Weber grill book is permanently opened in my kitchen. Different strokes for different folks, eh?
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