Altering an oven roasted salmon recipe to do on my gas grill

Hello again, Hotline! I want to make this recipe

on my gas grill tonight.
My thought was to sit the salmon on cedar grilling sheets I have on hand. What do you think? Will that work? Is there a better way? Thank you!!!!!



Susan W. July 7, 2014
Oh yay Stephanie. I'll bet it was delicious. :0)
Susan W. July 6, 2014
Sure...although I have only worked with cedar planks. Foil would also work as well as cooking it skin side down directly on the grill. Just watch the heat of the grill so the glaze doesn't burn. I have a temp guage on my grill, so it's easy to guage. Hopefully yours has one.
It's hot here so I have been using my grill
for everything. Last night, I made garlic, lemon chicken and baked it in my good copco pan, but set it on my cast iron griddle that was made for my Weber to protect the pan. My goal is to leave my oven off until fall. :0)
Stephanie July 7, 2014
Thanks mucho, Susan! Your reply gave the confidence I was looking for! It was so delicious! And nice and smoky ;)
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