I'm looking for a tasty snack bar I can give to my toddler while sneaking in greens. Could I add greens to this bar? If so, do you suggest raw or...


  • Posted by: ajpelle
  • September 10, 2014


Liza's K. September 11, 2014
I totally understand wanting to sneak veggies into things to get kids to eat them, but this probably isn't the best recipe to do that with. Have you tried veggie "chips"? You can purchase them or make them yourself by dehydrating vegetables and adding a little salt. It makes them crunchy (like chips) but it's still a vegetable. You can also cut them into fun shapes with a cookie cutter dehydrate them to make them more kid friendly.
nancy E. September 11, 2014
Unless they are green m&ms,no, I would not add greens, the recipe would not be improved with the addition of greens. This sounds great just as is
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