Help! Is Bocconcini supposed to taste like this or have I bought a bad batch?

Just bought a tub of mini bocconcini at Costco to make caprese skewes for bday party tonight. Has been in the fridge and expiration date is mid-Oct but it tastes BITTTER. Make-a-child-cry bitter. It doesn't smell or look off though...?? Is it supposed to taste like this? - do I rinse it? or do I just chuck it?

  • Posted by: Corj
  • September 13, 2014


Karen March 18, 2018
You can return anything, yes anything even if you have tried it and don't like it, you can return it. You do not need your receipt all you need is your membership card!
lynda July 23, 2017
take it back
Corj September 13, 2014
Thanks a bunch all! I ended up buying a small container of bocconcini at regular supermarket as I didn't have time to deal with Costco today. You're right, mine were totally gonzo because the fresh ones tasted mild/neutral.

I can report that the feta did not work with the skewers because of the cheese's crumbly nature (or my skewers were perhaps too beefy)- it split apart.

Susan W. September 13, 2014
Glad you had success after your trials and tribulations. :0)

I made watermelon, mint and feta skewers with balsamic glaze last month. I borrowed a friends skewers and they were very skinny. Almost like a cake tester, but not quite.
Pegeen September 13, 2014
I have always found customer service at Costco to be very accommodating. Don't throw out the cheese, just bring it back in the original container. That way they are more able to trace the batch and deal with the problem.
Corj September 13, 2014
Bummer!!!! AND I threw away my receipt- like a champ. Fool me once Costco. Am making Greek style skewers with feta instead (rolling with the punches....). Darnit though *shaking fist in anger*.....
Nancy H. September 13, 2014
Bravo! A good cook learns to roll with the punches--and I bet the skewered feta will be great.
Susan W. September 13, 2014
Ooo...I love the sound of feta instead. You could marinate it in olive oil and fresh herbs for a while like my Papou (Greek Grandfather) used to when I was a kid.
amysarah September 13, 2014
Sometimes last minute work-arounds yield the best results - while always tasty, Caprese skewers make a regular appearance at cocktail parties. Feta gives them a less expected spin. Might become your new standard!
Dona September 13, 2014
You don't need your receipt. They can trace your lurches thru your member card.
paseo September 14, 2014
You could still return it - they just scan the bar code (and they know their products). I am with Nancy, they would want to know.
amysarah September 13, 2014
I've had mozzarella go off, and it does get a sort of bitter or acrid taste. Fresh mozzarella's flavor is the opposite of that - mild and milky.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 13, 2014
It definitely should not taste bitter at all. Good thing about Costco is that they will take it back and give you a refund. If you have a cheese shop or market that makes fresh bocconcini, (pain in the ass I know) you'll find that its taste springy, mild and creamy. Since its a semi-soft cheese, it is susceptible to picking up other flavors and odors.

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Nancy H. September 13, 2014
Sadly, my judgment is to toss it. No "fresh" cheese should taste bitter. In fact, no properly made bocconcini (and I assume you mean by this the little balls of mozzarella) should have a use-by date that is a month from now. If it's convenient, I'd take it back to Costco and ask for an explanation and money back. It's probably just a mistake but they need to know this.
Susan W. September 13, 2014
They are small balls of fresh mozzarella cheese and should taste very mild. I've never had to rinse them. Try rinsing one. Or taste the water or whey that they are in. Maybe that is what is tasting bitter. Or..return them and stop at another store. I don't remember ever buying them at Costco unfortunately.
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