raw oysters, how long can i keep them?

oysters, storage, for how long

  • Posted by: Horto
  • September 15, 2014


Artie F. April 23, 2017
However long they "last", do not store them in water (neither salt nor fresh.) Oysters breathe and will draw all the oxygen from contained water and, basically, drown. As noted elsewhere here, put them in the fridge in a bowl, flat side up, and cover with a wet towel. That will keep them alive - and partially hibernating - for a longer time.
Tate122 April 8, 2017
My chef wants me to keep our in the shell oysters on ice for up to 3 4 weeks what should I do?
Sam1148 September 15, 2014
Get oysters that are 'pasteurized' in the pint containers. Those are raw and you can freeze them---in fact those go sale after Thanksgiving. Get a couple of pints and freeze them for New Years Eve.

I keep a big bag of cleaned oyster shells....just scrub and clean and bleach and if you have an ant hill...let the ants clean them a bit. Then clean and bleach and scrub and store them. But let them sun bleach a bit..and boil and scrub.....etc.
When done you have really nice reusable shells.

Use those for Oyster Rockefeller with the frozen, pasteurized and shucked oysters you bought for cheap a couple of days after Thanksgiving.

Horto September 15, 2014
when in doubt throw them out
Susan W. September 15, 2014
Very true. I trust my eyes, nose and knowledge of how things were handled, but if any of those are doubtful, out it goes.
Horto September 15, 2014
they are shucked 2 days ago
Susan W. September 15, 2014
If they smell like the sea, they are probably fine. Not sure how well they were kept before you got them so that is the variable. If they sat out on an oyster bar and maybe sat on a counter for a while, I'd worry. If they were chilled and you snagged them from a walk-in, go for it.
Horto September 15, 2014
they are shucked scored them at event when the were closing up raw bar, saturday night, they were going to ditch them, i finally have time to make chowda!
Greenstuff September 15, 2014
It's complicated! Properly handled, oysters can last longer than you'd think. But you sure don't want to eat a bad one. Here's some info from foodsafetynews.com


Live Oysters:

Remember to purchase seafood last and keep it cold during the trip home.

Live oysters should close tightly when tapped. 

Discard any oysters that don’t close; this is an indication that the shellfish are dead.

They should have a mild odor, similar to the ocean.

Live oysters should be free of cracks

They will remain alive for up to seven days in the refrigerator when stored at a constant 41 degrees F in a container with the lid slightly open. 

Drain excess liquid daily.

Shucked Oysters: 

Remember to purchase seafood last and keep it cold during the trip home.

Oysters have a fresh odor when freshly shucked.

A clear, slightly milky or gray liquid should surround freshly shucked oysters.

Freshly shucked scallops should have very little liquid in the package

Refrigerate shellfish in a sealed container on ice or in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Store shucked oysters up to five days.
ChefJune September 15, 2014
not more than a day or two, in any case. And keep them sitting above a bowl of ice water in the fridge.
Greenstuff September 15, 2014
The key here being, do not store them on or in ice, unless it's seawater ice--if they sink into freshwater, they'll die. But see my reply below, oysters, if properly stored will last longer than a day or two.
Susan W. September 15, 2014
We have kept them up to 5-7 days. It just needs to be done correctly.
Susan W. September 15, 2014
It depends. Are they in the shell not shucked, shucked but still on the half shell or did you buy them shucked in a container?
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