Would this recipe be suitable for canning?



SKK November 27, 2014
No, this recipe cannot be water bath canned because it has oil. I would question pressure canning because the recipe will have to be increased. The current recipe makes 1 cup. So much easier to freeze.
Susan W. November 26, 2014
I think pressure canning works for almost anything. It's the water bath that needs the acid.

I am not a canner, but this summer, I froze everything. I live in an apt with a typical apt sized freezer and it's shocking how much stuff I have frozen. I put it all in Ziploc bags and stand them up. My freezer is like a Rubik's cube.

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petitbleu November 26, 2014
The short answer is no. Acidity is so, so important when canning anything vegetable-related, and recipes specifically written for canning are the only ones I would try to can. You can't know if this is acid enough unless you have a pH meter, and even then this might be too dense to be safe for canning even if it is acidic enough. I would definitely not try to can this.
trampledbygeese November 26, 2014
Out of idle curiosity; is it possible pressure canning would be able to compensate for the low acidity?

Could you tell me more about how the density of the contents affects the canning process? I've seen and used recipes for canning fish and meat, which are very dense... But again, maybe that's the difference between boil bath and pressure canning?
Susan W. November 27, 2014
So cunfused. Pressure canner makes this okay, righ?
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