What temps would I aim for when doing a pork loin (not tenderloin)? And what are y'alls thoughts on boneless vs bone-in? I'm cooking for about 30...

...people next month and am now leaning toward giving this recipe a go

  • Posted by: Kt4
  • December 21, 2014


Pegeen December 22, 2014
Be sure to allow enough time to defrost it (the fridge method takes longer but is much less work than the cold water method)
feastathome December 22, 2014
Bone-in cuts of meats usually cook faster so you need to check it earlier. The bone also adds some juiciness. As for temp 145 is good for medium but let it rest at least 15 minutes - tented.
Lynne H. December 21, 2014
I cook pork loin to 145 degrees; and I prefer boneless. When the pork reaches the correct internal temp, I run it under the broiler for a few minutes to develop an appealing crust. I follow ATK's advice and always tie any roast at 1 1/2 intervals.
Rachel C. December 21, 2014
As long as your pork is from a trusted place, for the final step, 145 °F. Even if it's a little pink in the center, you should still be totally safe. I'm not sure about the beginning temp or boneless v. bone-in, though!
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