I would love to make this for dinner tonight - have everything except chickpeas. I do have canned cannellini beans which I know are softer than ch...

...ickpeas, but wondered if they would change the final outcome too much to use

Down and Dirty Pasta e Ceci
Recipe question for: Down and Dirty Pasta e Ceci


fisheri January 3, 2015
i agree with chezhenry: cannelli makes it more like a version of pasta e fagiole -- and there is nothing wrong with that. i like both but have different ways of making each. for this, id still try to get a can of chick peas. but you can't go wrong. will be very tasty either way.
Susan W. January 3, 2015
I think it will be different, but still very good. I would cook the beans for less time because of their softness. Maybe put them in right before the pasta is done.
ChezHenry January 3, 2015
You can use them, but then you'll have pasta e fagiole, or pasta with beans! It's a great substitution. My family calls it Pasta Fazool....or pasta e fagiole a sec, which is a dry pasta e fagiole, not souplike, a true pasta dish.
NotTooSweet January 3, 2015
Thank you ChezHenry! Can't believe all the quick responses - I think I will give it a try as Pasta Fazool sounds like a great dish!
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