Is it possible to skin dry beans?

Weird question, I know.

I have these dry beans that have the most horrible skin on them but are otherwise delicious. Any method for getting the skin off before I cook them?



arcane54 January 8, 2015
You might find your mystery bean here: along with lots of other heirloom beans and vegetables.
Donna M. January 7, 2015
Check out the Rancho Gordo website to see if you can find the bean there - it's hard to say what kind it might be, there are so many that look somewhat alike. RG's beans are AMAZING, by the way, not cheap but IMO well worth the price. I've been ordering from them for years.
Susan W. January 7, 2015
I love Rancho Gordo beans. We're lucky enough here in Portland that a few markets carry them. My favorites are the Yellow Indian Woman and the pink Rosa beans.
trampledbygeese January 7, 2015
Wow, Rancho Gordo looks amazing. Great to see so many heritage varieties available for cooking.
Patricia January 6, 2015
Hmmm. Thought I answered but it didn't go through. Google images of cranberry beans. Is that it?!
Patricia January 6, 2015
Dried beans are usually just fine if they're old. But they do need to cook longer. You didn't say what kind of bean. I've cooked older French green lentils and they were delicious, but needed half as long again before they were tender.
trampledbygeese January 6, 2015
They are sort of a dusty rose colour bean. I don't know what kind, but it's a kind they don't seem to sell in local shops anymore.

Actually, it's weird. These days it's a challenge to find any dry beans that aren't chickpeas, lentils or an already mixed packet of beans and spices. Five years ago, I remember the big grocery store chain had a huge display of a dozen or more kinds of dry beans, but now it's all canned food and boxed pre-fab, add water and microwave, food-like products. Grocery chains apparently don't like dry beans anymore, but thankfully we have small mom and pop grocery shops lovingly stocked with all manner of dry beans. Amazing, even big box grocery is encouraging me to buy local or grow my own... who would have thunk it?

I guess the point of that long rant was that I can't find any beans that look like the ones I found when organizing the pantry, so I haven't a clue what they might be.
Susan W. January 5, 2015
There are tricks to remove skins after soaking and during cooking. Is there a reason you want to remove them before soak/cook?
trampledbygeese January 5, 2015
I found the bean in the back of the cupboard. They may have been there five years, perhaps quite a bit longer. I know, I know, one shouldn't eat really old stuff from the back of the pantry, but they smelled okay so I cooked up a handful. The inside of the bean tasted fantastic! Perfect texture, not too sweet, not too bitter. Really nice.

But the skin was terribly tough and bitter. Inedible.

Germination test was poor, so I won't be growing these in the garden. Since I can't stand the idea of tossing food out, not if there is some hope of salvaging it, I figured why not ask how to skin them.
trampledbygeese January 5, 2015
Also I dried a huge batch of scarlet runner beans this year, but they also have that nasty taste in the skin when I cook them. Tasty innards though.
Susan W. January 6, 2015
I think you'll have an easier time removing the skins during cooking. I find the skins remove easily when I sprout my beans. I wasn't purposely removing the skins, but I do when they peel off while cooking them. I've been buying very fresh beans lately.
luvcookbooks January 5, 2015
I have removed the skin from chickpeas for a Melissa Clark hummus recipe but sadly, to my palate, couldn't tell the difference. Skinned after cooking. Arduous, did it w my daughter.
arcane54 January 4, 2015
TBG: You might try cooking them with baking soda a la Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi's recipe for ultra-smooth hummus (1 tsp. baking soda to 1.5 cups of pre-soaked beans). The garbanzo skins floated to the top of the pot as they cooked and were easy to skim off and discard. P.S. There are no weird questions here.
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