Why didn't my milk curdle after adding vinegar?

  • Posted by: MarieH
  • January 7, 2015
New England Spider Cake
Recipe question for: New England Spider Cake


MarieH January 7, 2015
Thanks! My milk was whole and not ultra. It did not seem different to me after a good 15 minutes. However, the cake was absolutely delicious!
Susan W. January 7, 2015
Thats so odd. I used plain old distilled white vinegar and it worked well both times. It is a wonderful cake.
Susan W. January 7, 2015
I thought of something else. If your milk is ultra pasteurized, it may not thicken at all. The first time I made creme fraiche, I grabbed ultra pasteurized by mistake and it didn't work.
Susan W. January 7, 2015
I let mine sit the full ten minutes and as I poured it, there were thicker areas. Sort of like blobs of soft yogurt. Did yours not do anything?
HalfPint January 7, 2015
You usually need to heat the mixture for it to really curdle. For this recipe, you're only souring the milk which can thicken it slightly.
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