Hello! I just made these scones along with the homemade almond paste recipe you recommended! Even though the scones still turned out incredibly fa...

...ntastic, I can't help but wonder why there wasn't a pop of almond flavour as many described above. Could it be due to using almond powder/meal instead of silvered almonds? Or should I toast the almond briefly first? Would be great if someone could help with this. Thank you

  • Posted by: chloe
  • January 22, 2015
Almond Scones
Recipe question for: Almond Scones


ChefJune January 23, 2015
I don't know why it wouldn't have the same/similar flavor. My almond paste always tastes better than the purchased stuff.
BakerRB January 23, 2015
The scone recipe looks great. Yes, someone in the comments posted a link to an almond paste recipe. That recipe looks good / normal to me. I wouldn't toast the nuts (not a typical almond paste flavor) and ground almonds should be fine if you use an equivalent weight to the slivered almonds. I've always found that the almond extract is what provides the almond paste flavor to the homemade version. Otherwise it just tastes like sugar with almonds, which isn't the same thing. Aging the almond paste seems to lead to more flavor (if avoiding extract), but I just don't find it to ever develop the right flavor.
Judith R. January 23, 2015
I have always used canned almond paste, so I can't answer this. Did someone else recommend homemade almond paste?
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