Great cake for cakewalk?

I am looking for ideas for a great cakewalk cake. Something that will look and taste impressive enough without taking an entire day.



cookbookchick February 26, 2015
I also have made Merrill's applesauce cake with caramel glaze multiple times. One nice advantage for a school prize to take home is that it keeps very well for a few days. I usually add a little extra pepper for a bit more zing, but the recipe as written is excellent, too.
arcane54 February 26, 2015
The Faulknerian Family Spice Cake would look lovely in your bundt pan. The icing is a miracle and ENunn's headnotes are hoot to read.
savorthis February 25, 2015
Thanks for all the ideas! I do have a rather fancy bundt pan so I think I will go that route (the applesauce or maybe chocolate) with a salted caramel glaze and let the pan do the fancying for me. My daughter's birthday is coming up and I've so far had to make a pirate-hello-kitty cake and a t-rex-princess I think I will save my fancier decorating for that project (this year will be Dr. Seuss and our own invention of Beautiful Schlopp with a Cherry on Top).
drbabs February 25, 2015
This one is easy and very impressive:

This is my favorite chocolate cake (I always do sprinkles.)

And this one I made for the contest "your best non-pie Thanksgiving dessert"-- I was trying to create something that would be pretty and as easy to serve as a pie.

Have fun!!
nutcakes February 24, 2015
Well cakes are so easy they don't usually take all day. I guess you want it more good looking than usual for this purpose, though. And you need it stable so no fancy european buttercream. If you have a pretty bundt pan you can always get away with that and a glaze. Or this looks pretty stupendous and not that hard, you wouldn't need all the details to still look great.
Nancy February 24, 2015
In addition to all the hood suggestions so far: an old fashioned pineapple upside down cake, or plum cake...any that you in very and show the beautiful, cooked, caramelized fruit. Or a cheesecake...traditional New York, with strawberry or your favorite topping. Last, a savory cheesecake, like rhubarb stilton, or fig pesto, again with fruit on top.
Nancy February 24, 2015
"Good suggestions" & "that you invert and shoe the beautiful"...sorry, AutoIncorrect struck again.
aargersi February 24, 2015
I have brought this to multiple events and it is always a smash hit, and it's easy, and now I want some:
ChefJune February 24, 2015
I'd probably make a Black Forest Cake. They look really impressive with their "nests" with cherries on top, but it really is not a whole lot more than just a super delicious chocolate layer cake gussied up with whipped cream and cherries. Looks SO fancy!
Healthline February 24, 2015
Chocolate is always an impressive, crowd pleaser. And this Chocolate Malted Milk Angel Food Cake is definitely a winner:
hardlikearmour February 24, 2015
This could be a good choice -- it's medim quick to make, no spliting/filling of layers, a powdered sugar drizzle to top, bundt shape for fanciness:
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 24, 2015
Since a school function how about one of those tie-dyed cakes?
keg72 February 24, 2015
What about a great coffee or crumb cake? I'd prefer to bring one of those home (because I know I could freeze it and then serve it whenever) than a frosted cake.
Regine February 24, 2015
What do you mean be "cakewalk?"
savorthis February 24, 2015
It is for my daughter's school. My understanding from the flyer (and one I had witnessed in the past) is that there will be a table of cakes as prizes. You then buy a ticket and walk around in a circle (to music?) and if you land on a winning space you win a cake. Similar to musical chairs? So I suppose what I am after is a cake that will look great on the prize table but not require loads of time. Possible?
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