Is it safe to use a tinned copper pan that is no longer very 'tinny'? It's almost never been used.

A Food52er wrote in with this question about her copper pan. "Is it good, safe, useful to cook with my copper pan (given that) the tin (is) not at all perfect?" Help us, friends!



Pegeen March 21, 2015
I'd take several photos and email them to Brooklyn Copper Cookware who are re-tinning experts and also produce their own wares. They should be able to advise. It sounds a little odd that it's not "tinny" if it has almost never been used? If it was heated while empty that may have worn off some tin. Anyway, go to the pros!
boulangere March 21, 2015
It is important that you not cook or prepare anything acidic in it. Think tomatoes. A reaction takes place between the acid(s) and copper which can be toxic. One of my copper pans is a small one which is just perfect for poaching a couple of eggs, and that's all I use it for. I know, I need to get it re-tinned.........
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