Question about Oatmeal

I live in New York, and was visiting San Juan on a holiday, I am not an oatmeal lover, but I had the most delicious oatmeal I ever ate. the consistency was so smooth , no lumps or oats.. I even tried calling the hotel to find the brand they use,. No luck. Can anyone help?? thanks so much

  • Posted by: iris
  • April 10, 2015


Assonta W. April 14, 2015
Have you tried an overnight soak with yogurt or milk? Everytime I have had them that way they are exceptionally smooth. I heat cold oats for me!
Stephanie April 13, 2015
What about grinding them before cooking? Then you're starting with something more similar to polenta.
Nancy April 12, 2015
Dont give up , Iris, on your own investigation. If San Juan was in Puerto Rico, and New York is NYC, you have resources at hand. vheck out local Puerto Rican markets, see what oatmeal brands they sell and ask relatively recent immigrants how they make it on the island.
Joanna B. April 10, 2015
They might have blended it after cooking.
Other than that, the smoothest type of oats out there are Scottish Oats.
iris April 10, 2015
Thanks Joanna, I actually Called the hotel and asked them, they told me to call their local markets, unfortunately they didn't speak English.. I tried all kinds of oats, and I also tried blending.. just not the same.. thank you for your feedback
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