If you're planting seeds from a pepper, is it okay if they were once frozen?

(Asked from a Facebook fan—thank you!)

Rachel Christensen


smslaw April 16, 2015
Seeds are routinely frozen to preserve them long term. As Jihil noted, they should be properly dried first.
mainecook61 April 14, 2015
And if the pepper in question is a hybrid variety, the plants, should the seeds germinate, won't come true.
jilhil April 13, 2015
Are you trying to plant seeds from a whole pepper that was once frozen, or to plant properly dried seeds that were frozen in a good container? If the entire pepper was frozen they probably won't germinate. If just the dried seed was frozen they might work - try putting a seed or two between moist paper towels for a few days to see if you get any germination action.
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