Can these be made ahead and frozen - except for veg toppings. Or can the tortilla cups be made and frozen? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Vicki
  • April 28, 2015
Nacho florets
Recipe question for: Nacho florets


LE B. April 28, 2015
panfusine, you TALENTED chef, you!! Where were you when I sooooo wanted to have baby taco cups like that in my catering co.???

vicki, I think yes, they would absolutely freeze well. I see frozen pre-baked taco shells (in different forms, like flautas)all the time, and they keep their form. Since they've already been baked with an oil coating, I see no reason that they would collapse. Also, if you are using a filling that you want to heat, I would fill the FROZEN shells and bake/heat them. That would save you from having to fill them w/ heated filling one at a time. It would also keep the taco shells from over-baking while the filling heats.
Vicki April 28, 2015
That's sounds good to me Le Bec Fin. I had a hunch that it would work.
I'm a do-ahead kind of cook so I par-bake and freeze recipes all the time.
Panfusine April 28, 2015
Hi Vicki, I've never tried freezing the tortilla cups, but when baked do tend to keep their shape well for about a day (depending on the humidity). Hope this helps.
Vicki April 28, 2015
Thanks for getting back to me - I might just do a "freezer" trial run.
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