What's a good substitute for rhubarb in this recipe? Someone on Facebook wants to know!



Maedl May 26, 2015
Goose berries or red currants would sub as well--but the season is not right for this--or the other posted--suggestions. For the substitutions, we're talking summer or fall.
PazzoNico May 25, 2015
Tart apples would also work. Or green, unripe mango.
Pegeen May 25, 2015
It might take a little less or more time to cook the cranberries... test by piercing one with a knife. Don't cook to the point where they start popping open or you'll wind up with more of a jam than a compote.
Pegeen May 25, 2015
Raw cranberries. It sounds like one bag (16 oz) would do it.
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