We just bought a Griswald Dutch oven. How can we utilize it the best way? What should we be cooking in it?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • July 13, 2015


sonya August 10, 2015
I would start with any kind of soup or stew, just to get familiar with it and comfortable with it. They're also great for any kind of recipe where you brown the meat on the stovetop and then move it to the oven to finish cooking (usually some liquid is added after the meat has been browned for extra flavor). I'm trying to think of an example but am drawing a blank - lol. They're a bit slow for boiling water so I don't use mine for pasta.
cookbookchick July 14, 2015
Good for you for buying an old one! They are the best, imho. All my cast iron comes from "antique"/junk shops and yard sales. They don't make 'em like they used to.
Greenstuff July 14, 2015
Exactly! The question isn't just what you'll be cooking in it but what you'd like your heirs to be remembering you by when they make the same things.
Tasha July 13, 2015
Yes it's the cast iron Dutch oven! Thanks
CHeeb July 13, 2015
If it is the cast iron Dutch oven with the lid, they are great for baking "no knead " bread recipes. They retain heat well and stay seasoned. Don't fret if you lose the oil patina when baking. It can be rebuilt with time and care. Use it and learn how to make great braises,bread, stewed veggies, eggs...etc.
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