I have a bag of black rice. Any ideas on recipes, or is it strictly used for desserts?



Bevi January 4, 2011
I like to make chicken curry to serve with the forbidden rice. It makes a great Halloween entree and has a nice nuttiness that works well with sauces. Jane Brody has a great and easy chicken curry recipe that calls for one banana, one apple, and chicken stock cooked with curry spices that is emulsified in a blender to make a wonderful sauce.
susan G. January 3, 2011
i just had it at a wonderful restaurant in Vermont with Swiss owners -- in a Curried Corn Soup -- just a tablespoon swirled in the center. Beautiful! it was the type called 'forbidden rice.'
healthierkitchen January 3, 2011
I like to serve it alongside salmon with a miso glaze or with a wasabi sauce.
Verdigris January 3, 2011
How about making a rissotto with red wine?

It can be served just like white rice as a side dish with and entree. It is tasty, rather like brown rice flavorwise.
aargersi January 3, 2011
I have one too that I just keep staring at ... perhaps we should dive in and experiment!
nessafox January 3, 2011
I use it in stir fry because I like the way it looks against the vegetables.
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