What to do with Prosciutto (di Parma) Ends?

I've read quite a lot about using the deliciously fatty end bits in soups, but has anyone tried other uses? I may eat the entire thing with some crusty bread if aid does not come soon.!

Lauren Lischka


pierino August 15, 2015
Drop an end into a minestra for extra flavor.
Susan L. August 15, 2015
Yes I make a wonderful "sauce" for fusilli with the minced prosciutto ends sautéed in some garlic and olive oil quickly, then add some really good stock, some heavy cream, while pepper, fresh parsley, and an avalanche of parmiggiano. A twist of fresh nutmeg is nice. You can take this in a zillion different directions with the stock and cream proportions. You will never wonder what to do with those ends again. This is ultimate comfort food.
Shuna L. August 14, 2015
The chef of Buvette, Jody Williams, http://newyork.ilovebuvette.com/about/ does THE MOST BRILLIANT thing with prosciutto ends! She grinds/chops them up fine with grated parmesan and puts this on toast with saba, or reduced balsamic vinegar. It's exquisitely delicious. Stuff dreams are made of. You won't want to share, though, so keep the end to yourself!
franA August 14, 2015
Chop it up small and saute it for an omelet. It also works well any place you might use bacon bits--over salad, sauted spinach, etc.
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