Do I need any modifications to convert from proofing in a brotform to proofing and baking in a loaf pan? Is it too much dough for a single loaf?

  • Posted by: Angela
  • August 23, 2015


Coffeecat August 23, 2015
Hi Angela,
the spent grain bread makes a beautiful free form loaf from a brotform, but it can certainly be made in a bread pan. Just keep in mind bread pans differ in size. It all depends on the amount of dough you are making. Cdilarua's wonderful recipe turns out a bit more than 1.5 pounds of dough so you'll want to be sure to use a pan that is 9 x 5 or bigger (10 x 5 is ideal). Here is the reasoning behind choosing a bread pan (or brotform):
I have brotforms in several sizes, and the capacities are:
7.75 inch round brotform - 1.5 pounds dough
8.75 inch round brotform - 2 pounds dough
9.5 x 5.5 inch oval brotform - 1.5 pounds dough
With basic rectangular bread pans it’s important to know the measurements.
An 8 x 4 inch pan holds 3/4 pound of dough.
A 9 x 4.5 inch pan holds 1 pound of dough (roughly the same for an 8.5 x 4.5 inch pan because it’s a bit taller)
A 10 x 5 inch pan holds at least 1.5 pounds of dough

When baking bread in a pan, it’s really important to put the right amount of dough in the pan (in other words, to match the recipe with the correct pan) or the bread won’t bake properly. It’s less important with a brotform where you are basically making a free-form loaf by turing it out on a baking stone, but you still want the quantity to match the form size as much as possible to get a dough with a beautiful shape.

So the short answer after all this measurement is - weigh your dough!

Good luck with your loaf!
Angela August 23, 2015
Thanks Coffeecat! I love this bread and normally use my brotform and baking stone at home, but I'm working in a limited kitchen elsewhere right now. I'll weigh out the right amount to fit the loaf pan I have. Luckily, I brought a scale!
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