Help! Jello not setting

Making strawberry pretzel salad/ bars for first time. It asks for 2 c boiling water with a small box jello, then 1 1/2 c cold water. Supposedly should have set to egg white consistency in an hour, but its completely liquid! Does it just need more time??

Jennifer W


ChefJune August 31, 2015
That's a lot of liquid for a small box of Jello. The recipe calls for a large box.
Jennifer W. August 31, 2015
Everyones correct- I never use Jello and dont know why I assumed instead of checking... It was the small box:( :(
Dona August 30, 2015
Are you sure you used a 6 ounce package (or 2 3oz) packs of jello?
cookbookchick August 30, 2015
Dona makes a good point. One 6-ounce package of Jello is the large size, not the small size. You say you used a small box. That could be the problem.
Jennifer W. August 30, 2015
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