" from robin runner. Is it 1 pound or 2 pounds of ground turkey meat?

  • Posted by: Fanny
  • October 12, 2015


702551 October 12, 2015
Here we go YET AGAIN. More poor copy editing from recipe submitters.

Reminder: when you see skeptical instructions in an online reader-submitted recipe, you should check the Internet to see if there is another copy of the recipe elsewhere. A Google search (parameter: "Baked Turkey Quinoa Spinach Meatballs robin runner") results in this page


where it is clear that the recipes calls for TWO pounds of ground turkey.

This isn't a criticism of Food52 contributors. Poor copy editing is rampant epidemic on the Internet, whether it be recipes, hobbies, auto repair, whatever.

The Internet suffers from almost debilitatingly poor quality control.

A wise Internet reader keeps this in the back of his/her mind. Always.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 12, 2015
My guess is 2 lbs of ground turkey since it serves 6 people.
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