Amount of butter needed! My 2 sticks = 227 grams



Windischgirl October 14, 2015
Thanks, Cristina! The frosting beat up beautifully and I love the texture. I'll let you know what my taste testers say!
Cristina S. October 14, 2015
Great! I'm so glad it worked out!
Cristina S. October 14, 2015
Sorry about that, Windischgirl! You are totally right. I've corrected the recipe. Thanks for bringing it up.
Cristina S. October 14, 2015
(It should be 2 sticks = 227 grams.)
Lindsay-Jean H. October 14, 2015
For what it's worth, I found the recipe on her website ( and the amount of butter listed is the same.
Nancy October 14, 2015
Please confirm - are you asking about what seems to be too much butter (quoted as 454g and 2 sticks) in the frosting...
There could be 2 questions here, & my guess is both are in play:
1) is that too much butter altogether for this frosting,
2) is that (merely) a scribal error, as my friends in medieval literature used to say.
Better ask the recipe author directly.
If you must proceed before you hear from her, make the frosting by trial and error. Use half lb or 1 cup room temp butter (implied by the 2 sticks), and if taste and texture are not to your liking, gradually add more butter until you like the results.
Either way, the cake sounds scrumptious, and do let us know how it works out....
Windischgirl October 14, 2015
Hi Nancy, I bake by weight, so I was confused by the amount of butter two sticks of butter equaled 227 grams, which is half of what Cristina had listed. 454 grams is closer to 4 sticks of butter, big difference!
I beat in two sticks and the frosting is like a cloud and tastes just sweet enough. Now whether it will stay on the cake and not slide off or melt remains to be seen! It didn't help matters that I made 2/3 of a recipe and completely forgot to buy mascarpone and was doing this at midnight! This is a test bake for a wedding cake, so full panic has not yet set in.
Nancy October 14, 2015
Agree with you, the 454g (lb) is composed of 4 usual Amer/Canadian sticks of butter.
Meanwhile, as this is a test bake, if you have not finished or frosted the cake, perhaps split it in two, then do a side-by-side comparison of the frosting (some, as made, with the 2 sticks butter per recipe; some - yet to alter - with more reflecting the lb per recipe).
Then you can see which adheres better, looks better.
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