about how many potatoes you need to feed 125 people for potato salad



702551 November 1, 2015
A lot of this depends on the situation. How many other dishes are you offering? Is this a lunch, dinner, tailgate, or reception? What is the demographic of your diners? Kids? Athletes? Senior citizens?

Assuming this is a main course accompaniment, a 4-6 ounce portion of starch might be your target.

If the potato salad is the sole starch, you may need 50-60 pounds of potatoes. If you are offering other starches like rice/pasta/bread/etc., you might end up needing about 20 lbs.

Again, a lot depends on the rest of the meal, what that meal is, and whom you're feeding.

Good luck.
Smaug October 31, 2015
I haven't a clue, but good luck.
Nancy October 31, 2015
There are cookbooks for professionals which give quantity recipes, which could help in this situation.
Amateur answers on the web vary widely in estimating how many people will eat the salad and how much per person (do they like it? do they worry it's been sitting for hours with the mayo? etc).
See if you can find a quantity recipe that's been tested, and then apply that to what you know about the crowd you're serving and their tastes.
Also consider how much other food is being served at the meal.
Nancy November 1, 2015
PS If you cannot get hold of a relevant cookbook, do a web search for Quantity Cooking or chef sites and you'll get some answers.
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